Philosophy & Values

Our Road Map for the Future
mapxAt Elite Gaming, we have a clearly defined vision for our business.  Our goal is to be the most professional provider of refurbished gaming equipment in the industry. To keep us focused on achieving this vision, we are creating a strong and integrated business with people at its very heart. To achieve this we have developed a set of values which help us all act in a way that will steer us on the path to meet our vision.


Our Values

• We are passionate about customers – we go the extra mile to understand and delight them, placing them at the center of all we do.

• We are energetic and eager – a young company and proud of it – we are open to new ideas and enthusiastic about innovation. We promote a positive, energizing and fun environment.

• We are performance driven – we judge ourselves and others on results, and how they are achieved. We set a high bar for achievement and are driven by a spirit of constructive dissatisfaction.

• We are successful – we deliver on our promises and celebrate our successes. We have a ‘can do’ attitude.

• We are agile and responsive – we value speed and flexibility. We minimize reporting layers and bureaucracy to enable fast, effective communication.

• We promote and value diversity – we are proud to be a company that is a rich mix of cultures and backgrounds that stimulates diversity of thought and action.

• We value people – we provide great opportunities for all to make a real difference to our business and to help them achieve their full potential.

• We are inventory masters – our business is supply chain driven.  We cultivate and value operations excellence and continually develop industry leading operations.

Integrity and respect are our way of life – our code of conduct provides the foundation for the way we do business and protect the environment